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What is understood of her motivation is that she saved Hooker from the rival killer in order to claim the reward herself, and she killed the rival in punishment for intruding on her turf; that she regarded killing Hooker as a professional obligation, with no personal animosity involved; and that the plan to kill Hooker in no way precluded enjoying sex with him first.

His relationship with Talia al Ghul in the main continuity where they have a son together is similar with his relationship with Catwoman. She refuses to give up, even though she's slipping from Indy's grip. There's even a Ho Yay moment when he's driven to kiss her while she's occupying the body of a man.

The second instance is Krillin, who falls in love with former troubled enemy Android Imagine Carrie, if Carrie were a duck. There also is a one-sided romance between Quiche and Ichigo, with the former being madly in love with the latter.

As with Dugtrio and Dodrio, we really think Magneton should just do less.

Pokémon: Indigo League

Captain Atom wound up marrying Plastique, a former Quebecois terrorist with explosive powers. Spearow Pidgey with anger issues, which is at least an intriguing wrinkle.

From Russia with LoveGoldfingerand Live and Let Die are the only ones where the henchwoman genuinely becomes a love interest. It's still strong enough to redeem him with a Care-Bear Stare.

Sounds like the nagging girlfriend in a Todd Phillips comedy. However, on the following morning it turns out that she was herself a hired killer, the feared Loretta Salino, and that she intended to kill Hooker herself - his life being saved at the last moment by a hit man on the side of the Good Guys who kills her in the nick of time.

In fact Mello x Matt is the only popular ship in the Death Note fandom where both parties are completely on the same side and aren't trying to kill each other. Most Holmes adaptations follow this portrayal, although the original Irene Adler of "A Scandal In Bohemia" was technically not a criminal.

Weepinbell A bell which signifies joy that is weeping which signifies sadness. Almost the entire reason for the existence of this now almost 20 year old series still going.

OL invoked the trope to cover up that Cheshire was his informant and mole for the League of Shadows.

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Like, we get it. While Esdese is unaware of this fact, Tatsumi tried a Love Redeems on Esdese more than once, trying to use her love for him to make her become good, but gave up quickly when he realized Esdese is completely insane and can't change.

Then again, it's not surprising considering the number of paramours Tony's had over the years. She wanted to catch Lantern's eye, and decided that donning a sexy costume and alternately stealing things and teaming up with him would be the best way to attract his attention.

Heck, she even went so far as researching his background! Machoke You can tell this guy would throw off your sleep schedule by doing thousands of pull-ups every morning.

While the two aren't together anymore and Roy knows how awful Cheshire is, there still seem to be lingering feelings between the two that Roy is having trouble processing, mainly because of how it all effects Lian.


This trope is later played straight, when she ends up sleeping with Dick Grayson. They want to kill him and for that purpose hire various hired killers, he plans a "big con" to cheat their boss of a lot of money.Jul 13,  · Magikarp This flopping fish out of water is literally the most hopeless of all Pokémon, but its limitless potential for trolling saves it from being the absolute worst.

Moat is an analytics and measurement company that offers viewability, attention, and brand safety solutions across display, video, mobile, and more.". In theory, dating apps are simply a way to meet potential love or sex partners.

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These smartphone-dwelling matchmakers can even facilitate experimentation, helping users code for and discover what. Speaking to The Financial Times, Niantic chief executive John Hanke said "sponsored locations" are set to come to the app soon. "Pokémon Go" players hunt for the cartoon creatures at "pokéstops.

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